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What is Rubber Plasticiser Migration?

What is Rubber Plasticiser Migration?

What is Plasticiser Migration?

It's when the plasticiser chemicals, within rubber, migrate out and can eventually leave a yellowish stain on vinyl or decorative/aesthetic flooring underneath.


Why does plasticiser migration happen?

Natural rubber mats are made from the resin from rubber trees; however, plasticiser is added into the formula to create more flexibility for the mat.

Heat causes the plasticisers in the rubber to heat up and leach out. Plasticizer migration usually happens over time – from the rubber mat sitting in the same spot for a very long period. However heat can speed up the migration process so if its sitting in the sun, its likely to occur faster.

There are no plasticisers in our nitrile rubber mats, PVC backed mats or foam backed product.


How to prevent your floors from being ruined by plasticiser migration:

Avoid placing rubber backed mats on vinyl or decorative/aesthetic flooring, such as tiles & wooden floors. We recommend placing rubber mats outside (as although the sun does affect it, usually the flooring type like concrete or wooden decking is not affected by plasticiser migration).

Alternatively, use a small piece of rug underlay underneath the mat will mean your floors stay like new.

AMS Distributors have made it easy for you - most of our rubber mats range is for outdoor use or commercial use – so less chance of it mattering what surface it is going onto. Look on the back of the label attached to the mat, it will have a warning if there is a risk of plasticiser migration. Some indoor absorbent entrance mats do have a rubber backing, so we would recommend using that in an outdoor covered area, like a porch or patio entrance.


Can I clean my plasticiser migration stained floor?

Maybe. Its not always possible but worth a try! Here is a method to try to clean the stain out of the floor.

Make a baking soda paste of double parts baking soda to water (e.g 4 tablespoons of baking soda to 2 tablespoons of water). Apply this mix to the area affected. Scrub this area with a dishbrush or toothbrush. Leave it for 10 minutes then wipe the area clean.

If this is unsuccessful, its likely the stain is permanent and either you will need to replace the flooring, or use a floor covering overtop of the stained area.

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