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Q & A - Learn About Chairmats

Q & A - Learn About Chairmats

We have compiled a list of common questions we get asked about our Chairmats. We hope this helps you in your choice for choosing the right one for you.  View the full range of our Chairmats here for more information!


Q: Are Chairmats recyclable?

A: Yes, Chairmats are fully recyclable and at the end of their life of use they can be put in your recycling bin.


Q: What are AMS Distributors Chairmats made of?

A: Chairmats are made of a durable clear PVC / Polyvinyl Chloride.


Q: Can you cut a Chairmat?

A: Yes, it is difficult but can be done with a circular saw, but we recommend taping the top surface while cutting to prevent chipping and cracking.


Q: Why do some chair mats crack?

A: A PVC chair mat can become brittle over time especially if left in the sun causing cracking. However the most common reason is when they are used on thick carpet or carpet with underlay, as having the Chairmats on this soft surface causes the mat to sag and crack when weight is put on it. Our Chairmats are not designed for these situations, therefore there is No Warranty if you are using our Chairmats on thick carpet or carpet with underlay. We recommend using our Chairmats in commercial carpeted areas with no underlay, like carpet tiles and offices. 

One option that could help prevent cracking is our Heavy Duty Chairmat, it would work better in situation with thick carpet or carpet with underlay - but again there is no warranty against them cracking as they are not designed for those situations. Or other people opt for rubber chair mats or polycarbonate chair mats, however they still have a chance of cracking.


Q: Are there Chairmats for hard floors?

A: Yes, AMS Distributors sell a Hard Floor option with no 'anchors' on the backing, to help protect your wooden floor and other hard flooring surfaces from your office chair.


Q: What are the benefits of Chairmats:

  • Protects your carpet from your office chair
  • Sits flat, won't curl up
  • Leather grain texture to keep up appearances, resists wear and tear
  • Backing has 'anchors' to stop movement and keep the mat firmly in place on the carpet
  • Available in three sizes to suite most areas (keyhole shaped and rectangle shaped)


Q: Where can I buy Chairmats?

A: We distribute to various locations all around NZ; contact us 0800 806 287 & we will find the most convenient store for you! Check out our full range of Chairmats here for more information!

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