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Video: How to Install Garage Carpet & Why You Should!

Video: How to Install Garage Carpet & Why You Should!

Did you know, having garage carpet installed in your internal garage is one of the top ways to add value to your home - according to so many sources, just google it!

Garage Carpet is an ever-increasing popular product in New Zealand and now with lockdowns and having to isolate at home - the extra office / playroom / exercise space is becoming a must. 

We stock two popular options for garage carpet; Alfresco Outdoor Carpet (premium quality) and Jaz Garage Carpet (standard). They are both very easy to install and are excellent choices for lining your garage floor.


Check out our step by step instructions in the video below of how to install the carpet:



Benefits of Garage Carpet:

  • Adds value to your home! Garage carpet makes your garage look visually appealing.
  • Durable – resistant to wear and tear, can hand vehicle traffic.
  • Waterproof – made from polypropylene so it won’t rot or smell with water getting on it. Wet cars can drive on it.
  • Can be glued down – the resin backing means that the carpet can be glued down to the surface – we recommend UZIN UZ 57 glue. Gluing the carpet down prevents any tripping hazards if the edges curl up and ensures the carpet doesn’t move around and stays in its place.
  • Insulation – keeps your Garage a warmer place.
  • Sound – the carpet lined on the floor provides noise reduction, stops the echo.
  • Creates a perfect space! Do you want to park your car inside, store your boat? Maybe you want a pleasant place to exercise, create a home gym in your garage. Play area for you kids and pets. Man cave! The options are endless but one thing for sure is the garage carpet with improve your garage!



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